Not everybody is in position to invest a lot of money in their online start up and sometimes you need a few ways to generate your first income streams which you can reinvest into the bigger and more profitable ideas.

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Online Money Making Ideas for Newbies without Capital to InvestSome of the methods listed here can result in quick cash while others might take a few months to start showing returns so I suggest working on 2-3 of the ideas if you are able to spare the time and since none of these ideas are particularly time intensive you will be able to do them in the evenings if you still have a day job. In fact if you think carefully you will surely find a way for all 3 ideas to overlap and provide some synergy towards a common niche or product.

Remember if you currently have no income you should still continue searching for a job since you cannot predict how long it will take for your Internet income to start paying the bills

Micro Services

Offering micro services online can generate income quickly and if you provide decent service you will be able to make quite a bit of money from it, consider things like writing articles and blog posts or offering manual directory submission services. If you look at Fiverr you will see hundreds of ideas for making some quick money and marketing your services is fairly easy if you use Fiverr or list your services on forums with trade categories.

Create an Adsense Blog

There is no shortage of free blogging services and if you are using blogger AdSense is very easy to integrate, this is definitely a more long term strategy since you will first need approval and it takes time for the traffic to build up but you can build a nice recurring income to help fund other ideas you have or even to supplement your day job income. You can also promote affiliate products with your blog.

Build an affiliate marketing site without investment

There are several free hosting and domain options available, using a host like 0000free with a Free Domain as discussed earlier this week is not the best way to deal with your hosting and domain but it is free and reasonable enough for a start. Find a single product to promote and stick to it, you can build a basic web site with very little knowledge and push the product from there. Since you don’t have all the money in the world try promoting the product offline as well by handing out some flyers which I am sure you can find a way to get for free. Use the local notice boards in your area and instead of having phone number strips to pull off have your website address. Domains and Hosting are actually pretty cheap so make the investment with your first earnings.

General Tips for the early days

  • Diversify, yes the sniper focus is needed later to make big money but in the beginning you are still learning and the sooner you find something that sticks the better
  • Start building e-mail lists early, the sooner the better
  • Use article marketing and build lenses, it is free and it works
  • Never stop promoting, forum signatures, e-mail signatures, anything that gets traffic
  • Pick high demand niches where you know there will be lots of money
  • Social networking is free marketing, get stuck in on day 1
  • Never give up, it is hard work and your motivation will become incredibly important
  • Leverage your own skills before playing with ideas that you need to spend time learning
  • Track your progress, Google analytics is free, spreadsheets are free. Use the tools
  • Avoid spending all your time reading guides and spend more time getting work done

The really nice thing about these ideas and methods is that they will always make money for you even once you are well on your way to riches through your own products and networks these starting points will still generate income for you.

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