The Internet by nature is a very open platform and there are endless ways to make money with your imagination being the only limiting factor but lets look at the most common methods used that have been proven to be successful.

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A Look at The Different Ways to Make Money OnlineInternet incomes generally require far less investment when compared to traditional brick and mortar business and as a result the barrier to entry is virtually non existent. This has resulted in a huge amount of competition and vast pools of knowledge and information to deal with however the market is HUGE so there is always room for a little more competition. Lets look at some of the common ways to make money online;

Website Flipping

The idea is simple, build a website and sell it. Most web site flipping is done around micro sites focusing on a niche. The site is built and populated with content before being sold. Often sites will be sold almost instantly although many website flippers prefer to get the initial traffic and income going so that the site can fetch a better price. Head over to Flippa to get some examples.

Google AdSense Websites

Monetized content sites are one of the most common ways to make money online and probably the easiest starting points for newcomers. AdSense is an easy to integrate contextual advertising network which handles most of the complex technical details for the publisher. All you need to do is build a website with useful content and place the adverts on the site, each click through earns you money. The amount of money you can earn is very much proportional to the sites traffic but once you have good traffic numbers it can be a real money maker.

Affiliate Marketing and CPA

Not entirely the same thing but for simplicity sake I will bundle them together, here you are choosing to market a specific product or service in return for a commission on either the sales or actions taken. The process is very similar to real world marketing and you will get the best return if you build lists and leverage direct marketing tactics although you will still end up building a website and generating sales there in most cases.

Product Creation

Selling other peoples products and making a commission is great but the real money goes to the people making the products, creating your own e-book or a website that offers a unique billable service is a sure way to rake in the money. It requires a bit more knowledge and will benefit from minimal investment but eventually most experienced Internet Marketers go down this road.

Service offerings

Many services do not require a physical presence and offering these services on the web is a great way to make money, in fact many full time workers will often supplement their primary income by offering services online after hours. There are great markets for content creation, article writing, video creation or editing, graphics editing, link building, forum posting, blog commenting and more. You will be surprised by how much money you could make simply by designing logos or letterheads for businesses.

You might have noticed that these are all methods I discussed over the last weeks but I decided a summary page would be helpful for the ADHD types like myself that prefer cliff notes.

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