Any back linking strategy will include multiple methods of link building from the standard blog comments, forums posts and social bookmarking to more creative techniques like article marketing,hubs and lenses but one of the easiest source of links is still profile links.

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Profiles Links should be part of your Link StrategyFrom the onset lets be clear, profile links cannot hurt your site in any way differently to other link building practices. There is a lot of arguing around the value of profile links but you do not have to worry that you will hurt your site by using profile links in your back link campaign so there is no reason not to include profile links in your SEO plans.

What are profile links?

Forums, blogs, wikis and most online services allow you to create a profile when you register and these profiles are often unmoderated which means that you can get away with creating accounts you may not intend to use. Depending on the website you will normally be able to add a short biography and the best part is that it will allow HTML which means you can include your anchor texts.

So the idea is quite simple, create an account and add a biography or edit your profile to include a link back to your site using your targeted keyword.

Tips for building profile links

  • Check that the profile pages are dofollow
  • Avoid spam and contribute to the community with posts
  • Check the page rank (remember it bleeds a little from root so 0 on the profile is not quite 0)
  • Keep the number of links per profile reasonable

Given how easy it is to get profile links I can only recommend including them in your strategies and for the time being there is no argument that they work and work well particularly since they are usually anchored.

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