Link building is time consuming and to be honest you will do far better if you can spend your time producing content which generates money so lets look at some free tools to help automate and improve your SEO

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Building Back LinksThe more of your tasks you can automated to more efficient you will become and for those with experience in Internet marketing you will already understand that more often than not we are playing a numbers game. The more content you can produce the more traffic you will be able to generate and convert. Unfortunately there are tasks that need to be completed to make all of this work and building back links can be a time consuming process. Here are some of the tools I use to speed things up.

Checking Links

  • Link Diagnosis – A great tool which lets you see the value of links and compare anchor texts which will save you a lot of time analyzing you own site but even more time when looking at the competition.
  • Digital Point Backlink checker –  As a free member you are only able to track 20 deep but if you like the tool you probably be more than happy to pay for premium membership and the ability to track links 200 deep
  • Webmaster Tools – Remember that Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex all keep track of links as well so don’t forget to have a look there, Alexa is another source of quick back link overviews.

These tools won’t build the links for you but they will definitely cut down on the time you spend researching and understanding your back link profile. Remember that quality back links are worth far more than thousands of spam links so spending a bit of time getting the right back links is important.

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