Building back links can be time consuming and finding suitable places to get your links in can take up the better portion of your day but there are some ways to find good back link ideas quickly however I do feel obliged to a attach a no spam disclaimer to this post by simply saying that I do not advocate spam in any way but I believe that unless you have 12 months or longer to sit around waiting for some search engine love you will need to build your own back links and looking at the competition can save you a lot of time.

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Building Back Links by Looking at the CompetitionA tool to make things easier

Firstly grab any SEO tool that allows you see the back links to a specific site, I am sure you already have your favorite but if not you can use something like Chrome SEO which is one of the best tools available if you are looking for quick information. This tool allows you to see the back link counts and page rank of a page you are currently visiting at the click of a button.

Snooping on the competition

Well it might be unfair to call it snooping since the information is public knowledge but it is very powerful information that you can use to eventually beat out your competition. The idea is really simple, search for your targeted keyword and start looking at the pages that rank in the top 10 results. You can extend this to 20 or more if you have a competitive niche but lets focus on 10 for the time being.

Using your SEO tool you will be able to see where the back links to the site come from and by visiting the pages in question you will even be able to get ideas about the keyword targeting of your competitor by examining the anchor text used for the links. From here on you simply need to build links in the locations where it makes sense based on what your competitor has learnt for you.

The Value of the method

Your competitor has basically done all the research for you, they have found relevant content in some cases and most importantly they have found dofollow links. You have just saved yourself a considerable amount of time by learning from your enemy. Another key piece of knowledge you have gained from this particularly with blog posts is knowing which webmasters are letting subtle spam through the comment filters. Not all bloggers will approve comments that do not contain a proper name so knowing which webmasters and bloggers allow keyword anchors in the name field is incredibly valuable information.

Pro Tip

Keep a list of the decent link building opportunities you discover so that you are able to save even more time in the future by being able to refer to your list instead of looking at the competitors in as much detail. I normally have a standard list to work off and then look at the competitors for relevant linking opportunities.

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