I am obviously a strong supporter of article marketing and at least for me it has always been a successful traffic driver to my sites and affiliate pages so I would like to share my tactic or strategy for article marketing with you.

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Article Marketing Linking FlowFirstly I do not view article marketing as SEO only or a just another traffic channel, I place it in a bigger box encompassing SEO, Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, Brand or Product awareness and Hype or Buzz Creation. A well planned and executed article campaign should target all of these areas.

Lets assume you have a website or product that needs promotions already and you have article content to use for the promotion campaign. Avoiding the argument of duplicate vs unique content I will only say that my strategy does rely on varied content and you will understand why simply by looking at the diagram.

The idea is straight forward and does not involve any strange concepts, instead the goal is to provide readers with choices and variation without losing the visitor. Most article directories or similar services allow 2-3 outbound links which gives you some flexibility to link back not only to your own site or product but also to other articles you have written related to the content.

A picture is worth a thousand words in this case and I believe that the diagram explains it best but in short you want to create a web of interlinked articles that all ultimately funnel to your primary page or related pages with the preference being shared revenue directories for your alternative links

Article Marketing Tips for the Method

  • Vary the keywords and anchors used for the linking, I like using long tail keywords in the mix as well but you can focus on your primary keywords if you prefer.
  • Driving traffic to shared revenue platforms adds another income stream to your process, be careful though since you do not want to lose leads to advertisements from your competitors
  • Leverage the social power of Hubpages & Squidoo to create some hype around your product in addition to the buzz created by flooding content.
  • Do not abuse these services including self maintained services like Blogger or Tumblr since you could get banned and lose all your links and hard work

Of course you can vary this strategy slightly and you always be careful not to cross the line into spam territory, providing well written and informative content is a lot less likely to attract bad attention from site administrators. This article marketing strategy has worked well for me on most projects and can be applied to any number of articles.

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