Shared revenue marketing falls into the same category as traditional article marketing, the major difference is that the platforms are very social in nature with rankings, reviews and scoring systems. The services listed here all have revenue sharing features as well which can supplement your income even further making it a great all round marketing tactic.

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Shared Revenue Marketing with Hubpages, Squidoo and KnolI like to think of article marketing as a way to funnel visitors to your website and since you are driving targeted traffic you will generally be able to maintain a good conversion ratio even at low traffic volumes. For the most part you are leveraging the high traffic volumes on these sites to drive traffic into your own site. The sites we are looking at here are not pure article directories but the principle is very similar.


Hubpages is by far my favorite site in this category, the interface is neat and clean while being easy to use and the revenue sharing options are by far the most generous and comprehensive. Links placed in your hubs are dofollow only if you hubber score is about 75 however obtaining a decent hubscore is not particulary difficult if you have good content to share.

The revenue sharing model uses your own money making ids and you receive a 60% share in pageviews. You are able to link your AdSense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera accounts although it should be noted that getting approval for a ebay partner account without a website can be difficult.


Building Squidoo lenses is a lot of fun, they have a scoring system which helps you track your progress as you move along in a typical gaming style. If that is not your cup of tea there is an option to disable the feature but I think most people will find it a lot of fun.

The revenue sharing on Squidoo is not done with your own ids and accounts, instead Squidoo calculates the share and pays it directly into your Paypal account and you are able to set the payment threshold as low as $5 which is nice for the less patient among us. The revenue sharing options include Amazon, Infolinks and Chitika but since Squidoo manages all the sharing for you it is not that difficult to get set up for monetized pages. Be sure to set your earning to be paid in cash under your profile since by default the earnings are donated to charity.

Google Knol

Google Knol is best explained as a hybrid of Hubpages and Wikipedia and it should be noted that the rules for knols are far stricter than what you will find on Hubpages or Squidoo. Building pages with the sole purpose of funneling traffic to other sites is frowned open and could result in your pages being removed so be sure to offer real value.

The only revenue sharing available is via AdSense however 100% of the earnings are credited to your account and although you have to wait for up to 2 weeks for approval from knol it is more than worth it with a 100% share. An important point here is that knol links are nofollow however you will still be able to generate traffic from the clicks.

General Tips

  • Hubpages and knol allow you to integrate Google analytics to track your traffic, make sure you create new profiles and set up tracking if you want to nurture these pages into real traffic machines.
  • Include pictures and videos where possible to attract reader attention while increasing your ratings and scores
  • Although this post is from a marketing perspective you can use these services purely as an income stream if you do not have a website
  • Remember to create informative and high quality pages, even if you are building the pages purely for marketing make sure they do not come across as blatant spam.

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