Knowing which niches are generally profitable is one of the first steps to successful Internet marketing, personally I do believe that any good idea implemented correctly can be profitable but starting with the soft targets is never a bad thing. Keep in mind that many of these niches are well known and highly competitive.

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Internet Marketing Niche IdeasFirstly there are thousands of ideas and I just want to look at a few of them to give you some ideas and to help explain the logic behind these ideas and why they are successful. I am a big fan of common problem niches or phrased differently problems that many people may face in their lives and the more difficult the problem is to solve the better for conversions. I realize this is the part where some readers will give me that glare of ethical death but lets be honest it is far easier to sell a product that helps with desperation or addiction or extreme emotions than it is to sell most other products and to defend myself and all Internet marketers these niches are virtually identical to cash cows

Money Niches

The world revolves around money, in fact you are most likely reading this very sentence because of money and your aspirations to get more of it in your life. There are hundreds of niches focused around money but some of the most profitable revolve around credit and debt. Amazingly people will spend money to get out of trouble because they spent money, desperation seems to be a strong selling factor here and understandably given the massive levels of debt around the world there is no shortage of potential customers. Selling or marketing good strong products around credit, credit card, loans, bad debt, debt consolidation and general banking systems is incredibly lucrative. On the other side of this coin you can also make a fair amount of money by marketing ways to make money particularly ways to make money online and once again the fact that you are reading this post is evidence of that.

Medical Niches

You just have to look at the GDP of any developed nation to realize that healthcare is HUGE and the modern world is completely dependent on the system, if you decide to tackle some medical niche topics you will be playing in one of the most profitable markets imaginable. The variety of niches here is enormous from day to day topics like acne and teeth whitening to far more serious topics like cancer, targeting addictions is one of the oldest and most profitable methods so do not for a minute think that all the quit smoking and weight loss sites on the Internet are there for love and charity.

Vices & Addictions

Well since selling products that help people quit smoking or gambling are profitable it goes without saying that selling those very same products is also very lucrative. Obviously you need to be very careful in these niches since there are laws and regulations in each country and you do not want to overstep any boundaries. Although slightly different from normal Internet Marketing these niches are cash cows worth the effort if you do not have any moral obligations.

Matters of the Heart

People are emotional and coping with these emotions can be difficult. Online dating, relationship advice and similar topics generate insane volumes of traffic and of course income. To be fair this is a difficult area to tackle since it often requires an active community but finding niches with low competition could be a ticket to riches. One of the most popular niches focuses around getting back a partner after breaking up.

The Internet Marketing niche ideas listed here should not be viewed as opportunistic but rather accepted for the lesson they contain which is that all profitable niches rely on needs which buyers feel they cannot escape and in some cases it is the truth while in other cases it is entirely about perception.

Disclaimer: I in no way advocate taking advantage of people with problems or difficulties in life. I 100% support useful and helpful content or products that truly benefit the intended audience.

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