For those of you that have not noticed yet Google has some new Ad formats and sizes on the way which will be available on the display network, doubleclick and Youtube.
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New Google Ad FormatsFirstly getting some new formats is probably long overdue, visitors have become incredibly blind to most formats and publishers have been struggling to maintain their CTR, I think there are a lot of reasons for this but blindness to specific ad formats is definitely one reason.

The new Formats

Bigger is better and Google is acknowledging that by adding some massive advert sizes to their selection including




I am sure just by looking at those sizes you can already think of a few places where they will fit nicely and without a doubt increase your CTR. I have some web sites where the 960×250 will absolutely legendary.

What it means for publishers

Well you will have more options now and hopefully see a higher CTR on your pages displaying Google ads, beyond that there will be some new features. The larger ad formats obviously increase the number of links possible inside an advert which means you have a batter chance of getting a click since you providing more options to the visitor.

What it means for advertisers

The campaign seems far more targeted at advertisers and beyond the new ad formats there will be new interfaces to manage your campaigns and conversions including the ability to target visitors that clicked on one of your adverts in the past

In any event hop over to the web page to get more information about the new ad formats and enjoy this introduction video showing off the new formats, there are several videos available on the official site showing some of the new features for adwords customers as well.

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