A Thought on Monetizing PLR Articles


Having read hundreds of debates around PLR articles and the duplicate content google hammer I decided to test the issue for myself and proceeded to set up a website to test the theory, the results will probably surprise you.


An Article Marketing Strategy that works


I am obviously a strong supporter of article marketing and at least for me it has always been a successful traffic driver to my sites and affiliate pages so I would like to share my tactic or strategy for article marketing with you.


Free tools to help understand your link profile


Link building is time consuming and to be honest you will do far better if you can spend your time producing content which generates money so lets look at some free tools to help automate and improve your SEO


Profiles Links should be part of your Link Strategy


Any back linking strategy will include multiple methods of link building from the standard blog comments, forums posts and social bookmarking to more creative techniques like article marketing,hubs and lenses but one of the easiest source of links is still profile links.


Shared Revenue Marketing with Hubpages, Squidoo and Knol


Shared revenue marketing falls into the same category as traditional article marketing, the major difference is that the platforms are very social in nature with rankings, reviews and scoring systems. The services listed here all have revenue sharing features as well which can supplement your income even further making it a great all round marketing tactic.


Internet Marketing Niche Ideas


Knowing which niches are generally profitable is one of the first steps to successful Internet marketing, personally I do believe that any good idea implemented correctly can be profitable but starting with the soft targets is never a bad thing. Keep in mind that many of these niches are well known and highly competitive.


A Look at The Different Ways to Make Money Online


The Internet by nature is a very open platform and there are endless ways to make money with your imagination being the only limiting factor but lets look at the most common methods used that have been proven to be successful.


Online Money Making Ideas for Newbies without Capital to Invest


Not everybody is in position to invest a lot of money in their online start up and sometimes you need a few ways to generate your first income streams which you can reinvest into the bigger and more profitable ideas.


Building Back Links by Looking at the Competition


Building back links can be time consuming and finding suitable places to get your links in can take up the better portion of your day but there are some ways to find good back link ideas quickly however I do feel obliged to a attach a no spam disclaimer to this post by simply saying that I do not advocate spam in any way but I believe that unless you have 12 months or longer to sit around waiting for some search engine love you will need to build your own back links and looking at the competition can save you a lot of time.


A look at Google’s New Ad Formats – Watch This Space


For those of you that have not noticed yet Google has some new Ad formats and sizes on the way which will be available on the display network, doubleclick and Youtube.

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